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The Slaughtered Lamb Split

by Christian Grindcore

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released November 23, 2014

All Songs (c) 2014 Bands respectively;
Flesh Incineration
, Cleric, 
, Swinery,
Deophobic Necrosis, The Right Wing Conspiracy,
Hell Bovine, and Reconstructed Carcass
Cover Art by Dustin James Design 2014
(c) 2014 SkyBurnsBlack Records

Deophobic Necrosis
Flesh Incineration
Hell Bovine
Reconstructed Carcass
The Right Wing Conspiracy



all rights reserved


Christian Grindcore Corona, California

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Track Name: Flesh Incineration - More Than A Verb
Love is not an empty word
to be carelessly claimed and betrayed
Love is more than a verb
More than going through the motions

Love is far beyond sacrifice
or an obedience you can act
Love is a belief, love is a perspective
an encapsulating way of life

Not done out of duty,
obligation, or romance
It presupposes the worth of others
regardless of status and difference

Does not attack
Is not ignorant of others' suffering
Is not controlling or jealous
Listens openly and understands

Love doesn't just tolerate
where disagreement occurs
Love accepts disagreements
and maintains respect

Love believes the lives
and opinions of others
are of value
Simply for being

And all of love begins
with knowing that you yourself
are valued and Loved
Simply for existing
Track Name: Flesh Incineration - Blessed Are
Blessed are those
who cultivate peace
Blessed are those
who abhor violence
Track Name: Flesh Incineration - All Creatures
All creatures
All creatures
Track Name: Flesh Incineration - No Monsters
You call them monsters
Look closer and see
They're the offspring
of our society

You would write them off
You would damn and condemn
rather than heal
and the cycle would continue

No support
for "monsters"
No patience
No mercy

Only stigma and punishment
For those who could have just as easily
Been you or me
Had we experienced the same traumas,
Been raised the same,
born with a different chemical balance,
or lacking supports

Long before becoming
a cause of suffering
They suffered

Look closer and see
They're the offspring
of our society
May grace persist
Track Name: Flesh Incineration - Idolizing Idolatry
Mystic interpretation
Tangible idolatry

Once marked by graven image
associated with rituals of harm
Now a "concept" of giving "too much"
to anything that isn't the church

Abstract intangible form
Broad and applicable to all things
"Idolatry" elevated
Demanding such attention in practice
That battling idolatry
Becomes an act of "idolatry" itself
Stirring paranoia and shame
Cultivating doubt and self-hate

Mystic interpretation
Tangible idolatry

These are the fruits
of idolizing "idolatry"
Paranoia and shame
Doubt and self-hate
Track Name: Flesh Incineration - Wild At Heart
It was the clothes she was wearing
The looks she was giving
The way her body is shaped
You "couldn't help it" or

"She was the one who brought it on"
Judging women as immodest, seductive
Living walking stumbling blocks

The only stumbling block here
is the blame you use as an excuse
to defend the corrupt beliefs
that you hold at your core

That women are primarily sexual objects
or "holy" reproductive incubating machines

The catcaller says take it off
And masquerading as moral
You say cover it up
You're both the same

Equally sexualizing
Attempting to control

Every day the same beliefs are used
To say it was her fault
She should dress, act,
talk differently

Lies that she's to blame for sexual assault
Men's accountability swept under rug

"Modest" or "immodest"
Dress is irrelevant
Your beliefs, words, actions
Dehumanize, and abuse
Track Name: Flesh Incineration - Gory, Gory, Hallelujah
Entertainment, sensationalism, guilt
Exploitative violent imagery
Is that what you use to be relevant?
A whip, three nails, and a tree

What do you hope you're accomplishing?

A cheapening of what you adore
Appeasing those who thirst for gore
A further burdening on the depressed
Through worthlessness and guilt that you stress

Violent minds don't have need
For a violent haven
You forget no one asked
for a bloodied cross

For what was freely given
No blood can be
on any hands but God's
Besides, isn't He risen?
[Where is your focus placed?]
[On a guilt trip or love?]
Track Name: Flesh Incineration - Double Edged Casualties
You want to wield your Bible
Like a literal sword
But that second edge of the blade
Keeps catching your face
You're starting to look unsafe
And no one wants to listen
To your recklessness
No one wants to listen
Track Name: Flesh Incineration - Close Minded
Closed minded
You act like a god
Closed minded
You are a pawn

Closed minded
You have no relevance
Closed minded
Where do you belong?
Track Name: Flesh Incineration - Not Your Saint
I will not save you
Track Name: Flesh Incineration - CC
Holy but not holistic
No compassion for the masses
Selective understanding
Conservative compassion

Rooted in a love of money
and pride in morality
A lens of selfishness
Conservative compassion
Track Name: Cleric - All Is Lust
optical caressing
androgynous whores
fertilize seed of flesh
vitalize carnal urge

television venue
aims to gratify
placebo products
with a phallus keel

the colors of crave
cover four walls
without a door
a forced pleasure

love is love is love is
love is lost
love is lust

singalong vogues
two-pronged words
filter deviance
subliminal lechery

undermining moral
treading true values
pestilent phrases
extolling erotica

the colors of crave
cover four walls
without a door
a forced pleasure

love is love is love is
love is lost
love is lust
Track Name: Cleric - Bent Spines
ascending via
human ladder
to a distant
peak-less top
golden touch
hole in the heart
mouth-gagged moral
greed drives onwards

open palm- clenched fist
soothing bribes- death blows
methods shift
back and forth
victims change
winners stay

clearing path
stomping life
bleed-dry all
and gauge our eyes
soundproof windows
muted screams
damped reality

open palm- clenched fist
soothing bribes- death blows
methods shift
back and forth
victims change
winners stay

augmentation of blood money
heightens leeches to the sky
grasping sunshine of all men
and claiming as their own
as their own
only their own
their own

these giants feel so safe
with their heads reach-less
rest assure their necks are safe
we'll determinedly break their legs
break their legs
break their legs
break their legs
Track Name: Cleric - Paving Dream
Carried by His grace
I let the Spirit take me
to planes of true purpose
and desire
uncorrupted and
unsoiled by my flesh
to the furthest extent

I dream
and instigate x2

possessing a tongue of fire
a dividing sword of light
the truth that amputates
rotting dead from the eternal

O my Lord
please withhold my flesh
give me Thy net and shape me
into the fisherman of men

I dream
and instigate

let me bear fruit
in Your name
because solemnly
I desire to
flood the earth
with Your name
and love that is You
and only You
Track Name: Cleric - Satan's Morrow
enshrining of the deceiver
the eyeless hollows make
seeking for completion
they fill the void with vapor

mutual benefit illusion
the restless itch of sin
poisonous blood infusion
malignant friend's gift

flaunting with their chokers
clinging to card-tower empire
visions of promised claims
crafted by the lie itself

satan lies
satan lies
satan lies
he just lies
satan lies
satan lies
satan lies
that's all he does

God and satan
acronyms in essence
God and satan
acronyms in essence

if God is absolute good
then what is satan
if God is absolute truth
then what is satan
if God is absolute love
then what is satan
if God is absolute grace
then what is satan

I will chose my Father
over your master
every millisecond of
my passing life
Track Name: Cleric - Vocalizer
pouring down his concept
showering with fire masses
arsoning accepting hearts
for goals aimed by his need

vocalizing without a thought
of the triggers in the rows
unraveling to motion
consequences without a roll-back

amp-ed dominating
playing his song
for you to subdue

levitating himself high
and the herd is lifting him more
fragile man being molded
into an image of a god

commands that you embrace
award him with a smile
that he putts on as he
washes his blood stained hands

amp-ed dominating
playing his song
for you to subdue

"do as I say"

blindly obey
Track Name: Amelioration - Alias
El Shaddai
El Gibbor


King of Kings
Lord of Lords
Abba Father

These are names of the most high God!
Track Name: Amelioration - One Hundred Seventeen
Praise the Lord, all you Gentiles!
Laud Him, all you peoples!

For His merciful kindness is great toward us,
And the truth of the Lord endures forever.

Praise the Lord!
Track Name: Amelioration - Restorification
I declare healing in the name of Jesus!
I declare restoration in the name of the King!

Bring it down...

Are you ready to be ameliorated?
Track Name: Amelioration - Reverential Panegyric
I'm here to proclaim the glory of the Lord,
The Lord on high who has given me life.

Praise the Lord forevermore!
Track Name: Swinery - Purged From Underneath
Our lines are broken
We will be purged from underneath

We must be aware

We let them kill

We let them through

We let them purge on us

Why do we look away?

Track Name: Swinery - Sweep The Nations
Sweep the nations
They come from the East

Sweeping over nations

In peace, but that’s a lie

They spread war

They leave no one alive

They will come for you,

your wives, and your children
Track Name: Swinery - The Baptism, The Cleansing, The Slaughter
Unholy satanic baptism
To cleanse the sacrifice before the slaughter

It sweeps America right now
Track Name: Swinery - The Joyful & Beheadings
The government keeps looking away

The President tells the world that we have no plans

We watch the innocents die

everyday while we watch aimlessly

We the nations must come together

to crush this dangerous foe

Christians as Americans are slaughtered everyday.

Beheadings, beheadings, beheadings, beheadings.

Track Name: Swinery - The New Swinic Order
The time has come

The time has come

The time has come

The time has come

One world government

One united healthcare

Be prepared

Biblically fulfilled.
The new world order.

Control the country

The anti-Christ will rule

Demons will roam, but Jesus will not forget us
Track Name: Swinery - Unrecognizable Siege
Blind, deaf, mute

Unrecognizable siege

They come for the slaughter
Track Name: Deophobic Necrosis - Abscissa Manus Dextera
Cut off the author’s hand
Then firmly reattach
276 marvel at his severed hand
Truncate his life in full
Physician heal thyself
He lived his life in full
Now end it with an ax
Track Name: Deophobic Necrosis - Mutually Butchered
Truncated with the western sword
Head severed body thrown away
Carnifex saw the martyr gored
Was mutually butchered the same
Track Name: Deophobic Necrosis - Thunder Beheaded
The first to go
Beheaded quickly
Track Name: Deophobic Necrosis - Olea Crucifigetis
And suffering
But still instructing
Rotting three days
On the olive
Spread out eagled
Naught with sorrow
Track Name: Deophobic Necrosis - Impaled
Nails driven through his body
Fastened to the dark ground
Track Name: Deophobic Necrosis - The Flayed Vitiator
Stood accused of defiling
Brutally tortured tormented
Mutilated beaten bruised butchered
Internally bleeding skin marred
Suspended head down blood dripping
Organs smashed body disfigured
Track Name: Deophobic Necrosis - Scorching The Saint
The fires would not touch him
Laid in a glowing furnace
He was impaled with a spear
Thus he found his fiery death
Track Name: Deophobic Necrosis - Blood Of The Zealot
Divine truth sealed by blood
Brutally crucified
For opposing pagans
And their idolatry
Track Name: Deophobic Necrosis - Stoned By Heathens
Trussed firmly on the tree
Hanging limb to limb on the wood
Then was stoned by the heathens
for his beliefs
Track Name: Deophobic Necrosis - Inverted Moribund Stake
Similar excruciating
Feeling of a moribund state
Inverted when executed
Head faced down at his own request
Track Name: Deophobic Necrosis - Moriens Pede
With their throbbing phalanges
Pedes prurigine
amygdala established
Their faith was inveterate
With bloodied torsos they stood
Lacerated but committed
Bloodshot eyes focused on Him
The One that they all died for
Stones pummeling damaging
The stinging whip flogging them
Suffocated crucified
A pure living sacrifice
Track Name: The Right Wing Conspiracy - Filth
Self righteousness won't make you saved.
Filth as dirty rags.
Good deeds and works won't save from filth as dirty rags.
Track Name: The Right Wing Conspiracy - Cheap Grace
There is no grace without repentance.
There is no faith without confession.
Cheap grace.
Track Name: The Right Wing Conspiracy - Coexist
Why don't we get along?
Why don't we live in peace.
Hold hands and sing kumbaya.
Christ came to bring the sword,
Christ came to bring peace.
No such thing, coexist
Track Name: The Right Wing Conspiracy - Lights Out
Turtles have rights 'embryos' don't have.
Step back, make room for march.
Watch out. Lights out.
Track Name: The Right Wing Conspiracy - Dilemma
If i lie is bad.
If i don't is worse;
cause you cannot handle the truth;
cannot handle the truth.
I don't know what to do.
Cause you cannot handle the truth.
Cannot handle the truth (2x)
Track Name: Reconstructed Carcass - Genesis Of Gore
This is the end time
The ancient scriptures hath revealed
The Gore and violence of this age
This is the beginning of the End
The Genesis of Gore
Study your Bibles
And be prepared with knowledge
That you might not be deceived
Prepare for the War of Division
Prepare for the false prophet and the beast
Prepare for the Beginning of the end
For the Genesis of Gore!
Track Name: Reconstructed Carcass - Gore Sacrifice
In the days of Moses,
sacrifices to God were killed,
dismembered, and put on the altar
Do the same of yourself
Take up your cross and brutally crucify yourself
Make yourself a bloody sacrifice unto God
Track Name: Reconstructed Carcass - Disfiguring Demons With The Power Of God
Eyes out of their sockets
Limbs all over the place
Intestines hanging like Christmas decorations
Disfiguring demons with the power of God
Prayer and fasting will be their demise
Track Name: Reconstructed Carcass - Gore For The Father
Gore. Gore
Gore for the Father
Praise for our Master
Praise him with Grind
Gore. Gore
Gore for the Father
Praise for our Master
Praise him with Gore
Gore. Gore
Gore for the Father
Pray for mercy
Then die for him
Gore. Gore
Gore for the Father
Your purpose on Earth is to praise
With Goregrind
Track Name: Reconstructed Carcass - Bloody Hell
Bloody Hell,
Suffering and darkness is the daily bread
Sinners yell and gnash their teeth in agony and pain
They are paying the wages for their sin on Earth
Death plagues them like Leprosy
Track Name: Reconstructed Carcass - Torn. Crushed. Disfigured.
Disfigured and lashed
This is how Christ suffered for our sins
Disfigured and dead
This is how our sins appear after Christ
Track Name: Reconstructed Carcass - A Time For Killing
Ecclesiastes 3:2-4
Track Name: Reconstructed Carcass - God Sanctioned Ear-Rape
Thank God that you can hear!
Track Name: Reconstructed Carcass - Revelations Of Vomit
Into your future
Your fate is sealed
The time is at hand
You will soon be in the place
Of the gnashing of teeth
And of endless vomit
Repent, believe
And be saved